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How does Coconut Oil Works protect your skin and hair, while most other skin care products cause inflammation and premature aging?

Rancid Polyunsaturates VS Antioxidant Saturated Fatty Acids

Studies show that most other nut, seed, and vegetable oils, used in most other skin care products, go rancid shortly after processing. This allows them to create free radicals that cause inflammation, premature aging, and cell damage, so why are you still using these on your skin? The fatty acids that make up coconut oil, are up to 10x more stable than these other oils, and contain natural antioxidants that fight free radical damage. Avoid further damage to your skin and choose skin protecting Coconut Oil Works.

Coconut Oil Works restores your skin's ideal ecosystem, giving you back the skin you were born with.

Unless you are using oil to cleanse and moisturize your skin daily, you are stripping away it’s protective acid mantle which works hard to perfectly balance your friendly flora, lipid levels, and moisture content. By removing your skin’s protective barrier with cleansers, water, and scrubs, an imbalance occurs and you end up with dry, damaged, aging, inflamed, unhealthy, and tired looking skin. Coconut Oil Works will restore your skin’s ideal ecosystem and give you more beautiful skin and hair in as little as 3 days.

All of the benefits of coconut oil, without any of the inconvenience.

Coconut Oil Works makes it easy and enjoyable to use the most beneficial, skin protecting ingredient in the world. We took coconut oil to a whole new level of awesome with our organic line of proprietary formulas which are easy to use, super convenient, and up to 75% less greasy than conventional coconut oil. Besides healthy doses of Lauric, Capric, and Caprylic acids, we’ve also added some other pretty amazing ingredients like organic and wild crafted plant extracts, to not only give your body a head to toe therapeutic boost, but to ensure you are only using the purest, most natural form of skin and hair care.  Stop damaging, and start protecting your skin and hair with Coconut Oil Works. Learn more…

Organic virgin coconut oil and pure liquid coconut oil

We source our high antioxidant, organic virgin coconut oil and pure liquid coconut oil from sustainable and conscientious companies, and will only pair the highest quality ingredients in your skin care. You are assured your skin is safe with Coconut Oil Works, remember, we use these products too!

Nature Approved, Cruelty Free, and Yoga Approved

Our products are organic, vegan, all natural, not tested on animals, and great to use in activities where slipping should happen (such as the yoga mat)! With Coconut Oil Works Products, you can enjoy the simplest of moments without worrying about what’s on your skin.

Providing you an easy and enjoyable way to use coconut oil for more beautiful skin and hair!