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Youth Facial Serum: For a Fresh, Brightened Complexion

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Want healthy, glowing skin and a fresher complexion?

Full of Vitamin C and a bioavailable form of Retinoic Acid, this facial serum features organic rose hip and organic rose petal oil. Use alone 2x/day or combine with our Dry Oil Spray for the Oil Cleansing Method and the most beautiful skin you’ve ever had. This is an amazingly light,  non-greasy facial serum that will refine your skin and provide you a more youthful look by:

Refreshing your tired skin
• Brightening your skin tone
• Minimizing fine lines and scars
• Increasing your skin cell production
-Rose Oil soothes and calms your body providing a less stressful you!
-Vitamin C boosts collagen production resulting in a plumping action on the skin
Size 28ml / Price C$62


Product Description

How to use

Facial serum:

Apply 3 - 4 drops of Youth Facial Serum 1 - 2 times daily to a clean neck & face, using your fingertips to massage in a circular motion until absorbed. For a deeper hydration, add a couple drops of water to the palm of your hand with the Youth Facial Serum before applying to neck & face. Remember, your neck is the first body part to show loose skin and signs of aging!


Pure Coconut Oil: Absorbs easily bringing natural nutrients into the skin
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil: Anti-microbial, acts as a protective layer
Organic Rose Hip Seed Oil: Increases healthy skin cell production, healthy Omega fatty acids
Organic Rose Otto: Tightens pores, helps reduce the look of fine lines, hormone balancing, leaves you feeling calm
Wild Carrot Seed: High antioxidants, said to have minimal sun protection,
Wild Frankincense: Tightens pores, helps reduce the look of scars & minimize fine lines, tones & lifts skin, reduces stress
Organic Immortelle Extract: Anti-inflammatory, stimulates healthy cell production, helps retain skin's moisture
Organic Rosemary Antioxidant: Neutralizes damaging free radicals that often cause premature aging

Feeling refreshed never looked so good!


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A crucial step towards restoring your skin’s natural ecosystem and achieving a fresher, brighter complexion.

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