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Fresh Oil Pulling Rinse: For Whiter Teeth & Fresher Breath

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Want better breath, whiter looking teeth, and a fresher feeling mouth?

Fresh Oil Pulling Rinse draws on the centuries old Ayurvedic tradition of using oil swishing to help improve your overall health. This enjoyable to use oil pulling rinse, uses organic coconut oil as a way to pull toxins out of your mouth and whiten your teeth. A great addition to your non toxic oral health care routine! Most other oil pulling products just add flavorings with no extra benefit to a healthy mouth. We use organic, therapeutic grade essential oils to not only give it extra detoxifying action, but also a great, refreshing flavor. In addition, it:

• Improves overall tooth and gum health
• Kills harmful bacteria for detoxification
• Helps to whiten your teeth
• Gives you fresh breath while relieving dryness of the mouth
-Is high in antioxidants and works to reduce inflammation
-Canker sore relief


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Product Description

How to use

Oil Pulling Rinse:

Swish 5 - 10 mls (1-2 teaspoons) of Fresh Oil Pulling Rinse in your mouth and through your teeth for 5 - 20 minutes. Start at the lesser time and gradually move up to 20 minutes. DO NOT SWALLOW this rinse as it works by removing bacteria and toxins, you don't want to re-tox!


Use to brush your teeth, just use as you would toothpaste.


Use teaspoon sized amount, swish a few times around your mouth for an awesome fresh mouth feel!

Throat Gargle:

Gargle with teaspoon amount to relieve itchy, dry throat.


Organic Virgin Coconut Oil: Anti-microbial, High in antioxidants
MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglyceride): Anti microbial, easily absorbs into the body; boosts energy, for helping with metabolism;
Organic Peppermint Oil: High in antioxidants, Helps relieve body ailments such as IBS or heartburn, tension headaches and migraines, increases alertness and memory, improves bad breath and prevention of dental cavities, leaves a fresh stimulating feeling
Organic Lemon Oil: Cleans (pulls) toxins from the mouth, uplifting, improves digestion and boosts immune system
Organic Rosemary Oil: High in antioxidants, Aids in removing bad breath, helps to prevent gingivitis, cavities, and plaque build up

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*These claims are not evaluated by the FDA and we do not claim to treat, cure, or aid in the reversal of any disease.


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For the freshest mouth, ever!

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