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Healing Immortelle Infused Hair, Face, & Body Oil

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Want your best skin with you at all times? 

If you don’t like using a ton of products but still want protected, healthy, more beautiful skin and hair, this is your product. Cleanse, moisturize, and protect your skin and hair from head to toe with our Dry Oil Spray made with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Organic Immortelle Extract, the most potent anti aging and healing plant extract there is. Great for excema, acne, psoriasis, and other irritated skin conditions. Take with you to the beach, the office, yoga class, or on vacation, you will never want to leave home without it!

• Hydrates skin and hair:no more dry, dull, or itchy skin
• Works to establish your skin’s healthy ecosystem: improves skin texture & tone
• Smooths, shines, and strengthens hair:get healthy, strong, shiny hair
-Improves dandruff and dry, itchy scalp:no more flaking


Pure Coconut Oil (MCT),Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Immortelle Extract from Corsica, Italy, Tocopheral acetate (pure non GMO Vitamin E) , Organic Rosemary Antioxidant

Coconut Oil Spray also available in Vanilla, Rose, and Coconut.

All of the benefits of coconut oil in the jar, without any of the inconvenience! 

Size 120ml / Price C$34

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Product Description


Just some of the never ending uses:


Facial Moisturizer: 

Apply to damp or dry skin  in a circular motion massaging into skin using fingertips. Use as often as necessary!

*Can be worn under makeup for a high antioxidant long lasting dewy finish, and can be worn over your current natural moisturizer as a protective layer, keeping the moisture from escaping your skin cells and providing an anti inflammatory boost.

Body Moisturizer: 

Use as necessary, spray small amount into hands and massage into skin until absorbed. For a deeper hydration, apply to damp skin, or add a few drops of water before applying. Works amazingly on dry, itchy skin and as an after shave for red razor burn and bumps.

Hair Serum:

Simply smooth a few drops into clean, dry hair, using hands to ensure even distribution. Apply to ends as a protective coat. Way less greasy than Argan Oil. Use sparingly as a little goes a long way!


 Massage 2 sprays into damp skin using fingertips, wipe away with a konjac sponge, or simply rinse off with water.

Makeup Remover: 

Massage 1-2 sprays into dry or damp skin using fingertips or our damp Konjac Sponge, being especially gentle around your eye area, wipe away with a rinsed Konjac Sponge or rinse with water and pat dry.

Makeup Base:

Mix with mineral makeup for a moisturizing cover that glides on smoothly and lasts all day.

NO SHAMPOO METHOD Restorative Hair & Scalp Treatment:

For a moisturizing dry hair & scalp treatment, spray onto dry or damp hair & scalp and leave on for up to a half an hour. Rinse out with lukewarm water only or wash out with shampoo,  style as usual. Leaves scalp moisturized, and refreshed.

Nails serum:

Massage 1 spray into nails, from base to tip for shiny moisturized nails.


 Spray 1-2 sprays directly onto underarm, effective and won't stain clothes like other coconut oil deodorants.

After Shave Oil:

 Use in place of regular shaving cream or apply to freshly shaven area, leaves your skin super soft and eliminates red bumps.

Tan Enhancer:

Apply to skin before responsible sun bathing. Maximizes tan.

And so much more....

Simply mist and go! Purchase today!

Additional Information


120mL, 60mL

8 reviews for Healing Immortelle Infused Hair, Face, & Body Oil

  1. Becky P


    “My skin feels so incredibly nourished and soft when using the Dry Oil Spray. During winter months it is usually dry and sometimes flaky, but the oil makes it luminous and radiant. So happy I found a product that is pure and healthy on my skin, and works so well! Thank you! – Becky P, BC Canada

  2. Erica J


    Coconut Oil Works’ Dry Oil is AMAZING! I love this multi-purpose product. I use it on my skin when I get out of the shower and it leaves me with a lovely dewy finish that keeps me feeling moisturized in the dry climate of Saskatchewan. It is also fabulous as a face serum. I find I don’t have to use as much moisturizer and my makeup glides on much smoother. I also have naturally curly, very dry and fuzzy hair, the Dry Oil works great to keep my frizzles down. I am very happy with this product!”

  3. Sierra


    “I’ve struggled with eczema almost since the day I was born, I’ve been on every steroid and cortisone prescription available, some have helped the itchiness but it has never completely gone away. I was introduced to Coconut Oil Works Dry Oil Spray and I was immediately impressed by the lack of greasiness and the odor. Most products I’ve used either smell like a strong chemical or that “medicine” smell. Within a few days the rough scratchiness had cleared up on my skin and within a week my eczema was almost completely gone. I would most certainly encourage people to try this product.”

  4. Kara


    I’m always looking for 100% natural skincare products, and was super happy to be able to try the dry oil spray recently. LOVE IT! It’s surprisingly non greasy and my skin just soaked it right up. Living in the dry prairies in the winter time calls for serious hydration, and this product definitely helped my dry, itchy skin. I totally recommend this to anyone looking for a natural product that truly works to relieve dry skin!!”

  5. Joan


    My skin turns reptilian in the Winter. It gets scaly, cracked, and itchy. Where I live, Winters are cold, dry and windy, and it’s hard to keep my skin feeling happy. I tried Coconut Oil Works and absolutely loved it. My skin immediately felt hydrated and nourished, and I didn’t have to keep reapplying it throughout the day. I really like that it’s unscented, the ingredients are all natural, and that it works! I would definitely recommend it as a product to try.”

  6. Candace


    I absolutely love this product! It is so versatile that I use it from head to toe. I also use it on my daughter during the winter for her dry skin. I’m specific about what products I use on her and there’s nothing bad about the ingredients in the coconut oil spray. And to top it off, a little bit goes a long way. Love it!”

  7. Tyson


    I’ve been using Coconut Oil Works dry oil hair/face/body for three months now. I use it on my scalp and face in the winter that tend to be battered by the cold as I work outdoors. Every three days I use a small portion and really enjoy how effective it seems to treat dry skin and the resulting dandruff. I have, as an experiment, started applying it to my knees which are very arthritic, after multiple non invasive surgeries for acl, cartilage damage and it seems to be providing some relief to the swollen joints. Big thank you to Coconut Oil Works.

  8. Mellissa


    I have been using Coconut Oil Works on my dry hair as an after styling frizz eliminator and shine booster and love how it does not weigh my hair down and makes it really soft. And recently I ran out of my regular facial moisturizer so I decided to give Coconut Oil Works a try. It works beautifully. It gives me the right amount of moisture, did not make me break out and I can even apply makeup right away! Beautiful product!

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The ultimate beauty product for a minimalist lifestyle!

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