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Powerful You!

By Sarah Kilvington

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I was first introduced to the power of the mind, when it comes to healing your body, when I was 7. With the discovery of planters warts on my foot, most likely from romping through the garden barefoot (those were the days!), I found myself, accompanied by my mom, at our family doctors office. I had no idea what to expect, what the conventional treatment was for this I had no idea, and still don’t actually!

A while later, sitting in front of the doctor, she explained how this particular problem was caused by a virus, and the way to get rid of it was to…. are you ready for this?

Sell them to my mom!

I know you are thinking, WHAAAAT?….

She told me this;
“Count how many there are on your foot and sell them to your mom for $.25 each.” In hindsight, I should have asked for more! “Then, everyday, a few times a day, tell yourself that they do not belong to you anymore, because you sold them. They should be gone in a few days.”

So I did. 
I collected my funds, I believe it was around the $2 mark, substantial piggy bank food at the age of 7. I stopped what I was doing a few times a day, (or more, I really wanted it to work), I closed my eyes for ultimate focus, and I said the words out loud, “I truly believe these do NOT belong to me anymore, because I sold them! They are no longer mine.”

Can you guess what happened?

Yup, they disappeared within a few days.

Not to mention I have never had them since, even though I do love a barefoot stroll in the dirt!
And that was it, no creams, pills or prescriptions required.

So, the lesson is…

We absolutely DO have power over our own bodies and ailments with our thoughts, words and what we put IN and ON our bodies.

I find a lot of us, including myself sometimes, more than sometimes actually, are so habitual and don’t have the “energy” or “time” to try and change our ways, or we simply give up too soon after it doesn’t work the first time.

It really does not take much though.

  • The key is focus on ONE thing you would like to change at a time. 

Remember, it takes 21 days to create a habit. Although I’ve found it does not take that long when you stay focused on ONE thing at a time, which is great news, us humans naturally like things the easy way.

  • Also, verbally communicating it to yourself, a loved one, or even the wall will help to convince yourself, if need be, and will also help in your journey to create a positive change

Whether it’s through positive thinking, keeping optimal digestive health, being aware of what is going IN and ON our bodies, keeping healthy physically and mentally, or all of the above, these are all things you can do to create the healthiest and most powerful person you can be.

Choose health, Achieve anything.

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