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Histamine Intolerance could be causing your skin troubles.

By Sarah Kilvington

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There are two sides to every story, including mine.

The first part is short and sweet and goes like this:

I had tried EVERY elimination diet, vitamin, natural supplement, skin care routine, lifestyle (de stressing, avoiding alcohol, avoiding caffeine), to quit my too long of a journey with acne. Only one thing out of the 976 things I had tried had been a solid, long term solution to my problem, and that was coconut oil. That is the main reason why I started this company, because I had found something that works to ease the frustration of so many people with problematic skin types, from acne and eczema to everyday, dry skin.

Here is the second part of my story:

It was over the Holiday’s that this marvelous discovery made it’s way into my life.

On a “normal” day I purposely leave garlic out of my cooking as I’m not too picky about tasting it for days, that is not to say I don’t like garlic, I actually really do. Thankfully someone else did the cooking that day, and I say thankfully because I never would have discovered this if it wasn’t for those delicious, lightly coconut oil seared, garlicky, melt in my mouth brussel sprouts! Over the following two or three days, garlic lovingly made it’s way into many of my meals, either from other’s doing the cooking or because I figured I was already going to taste it for days, from said brussell sprouts, so I threw it into a few things I had whipped up to share.

Well, after a few days of eating garlic, I woke up one morning and noticed my smooth, evenly toned, not dry, not flaky, calm, acne free skin! Wow. This is actually owed a double Wow because along with the garlic I was eating, I was also diving into all sorts of things that on a regular day would cause me to break out; Citrus, berries, fatty foods, vinegar etc. A few years ago I discovered I couldn’t eat ANY fruit acids without causing a breakout, and at the same time discovered fatty foods, red meat, and sometimes coffee and spices would cause my skin to be red, oily and flaky. I figured I had an allergy or leaky gut, only I couldn’t come up with a reason why, or to what it was in those foods I was reacting to. My defense was simply avoidance of those offending foods and would often feel that it was totally sucky because I was missing out on a lot of delicious things that I would have loved to eat!

I started to research everything I could about garlic and skin, reading a lot of the same; garlic detoxifies, is an antimicrobial, is healthy, loaded with anti oxidants etc. etc.  but nothing that answered my “why?” or stood out to me, until I read this; “Garlic is a potent natural antihistamine”.  So an hour or so later, and some more researching, I found myself deep into articles explaining Histamine Intolerance and corresponding symptoms, treatments, foods that contain and aggravate histamine, studies and so on.  I knew then, in my non leaky gut (yay!), that I had found the second part of my answer, after 18 years of skin troubles!

After researching and testing them out, with 100% positive results, I have come up with a few things that will help you get your well deserving glow back!

1. Eat fresh garlic daily or Supplement daily with odorless garlic pills, these will be your powerhouse as they are a powerful antihistamine and will neutralize those troublesome excess histamines.

2. Drink Organic green tea, caffeinated or decaf, it doesn’t matter. This is also another super powerful antihistamine because of the catechins and antioxidants found in tea. Coffee contains histamine so you can choose whether you want to drop coffee and choose green tea instead, I did, but you may be able to get by with just adding a couple cups of green tea to your daily routine and keep drinking the coffee!

3. Eliminate or limit these histamine inducing or high histamine foods… This is the most informative website I have found regarding histamine intolerance.

4. Limit stress, emotional, mental, and physical, these release histamine. Estrogen apparently triggers histamine as well, hence why a lot of us break out before menstruation. I really don’t think all of us who have “hormonal acne” are experiencing imbalanced hormones.

5. Probiotics in dairy and supplements include a lot of histamine producing bacteria, I have come across these probiotics that do not contain histamine producing bacteria, will try them and let you know if they reduce symptoms!

6. Gluten can cause a histamine reaction in a lot of people, could this be the cause for the influx in gluten intolerance?


1.The DAO enzyme is produced in your gut and is responsible for clearing histamine from your body. People with histamine intolerance either aren’t producing enough of this enzyme, or their “breaking point” is different than people who manage to not react to histamine. You can find this supplement online if you are wanting to take it.

2.Histamine causes inflammation, and inflammation shows up in your body as many, many different symptoms. It can affect your brain, organs, skin, joints, emotions, hormones etc. If your symptoms do not show up in a list on a site about histamine intolerance, do not brush it off. Everybody is different and will react to different foods or stressors, and produce different symptoms.

3.Skin has it’s own histamine receptors and this is why skin will react minutes after eating the suspected food, not having to wait until the food is digested to notice a symptom.

4.Histamine Intolerance is called a “pseudo allergy”, as it won’t show up positive on an allergy test, it’s not a direct immune response that triggers white blood cells.

*My personal experience is that I break out when I eat high histamine fruit, but have different symptoms when I eat other foods high in histamine, such as: red meat, coffee, chocolate, cinnamon, vinegar, spicy things etc.

Europeans are taking Histamine Intolerance seriously and are being diagnosed by their family doctor. It is not even in the vocabulary of doctors in North America, hopefully it will gain some traction and save a lot of people from pain, frustration, and drugs.

Thank you for listening and stay tuned for more posts on this thing called Histamine Intolerance! It is on my mind and I know by sharing this you could give someone their confidence back, and save someone the emotions involved in having a problematic skin type as well as from using chemicals and hormone disrupters on their skin!

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