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Garlic & Green Tea for Amazing Skin

By Sarah Kilvington

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Want to have healthy, glowing, calm, clear skin? 

One thing I notice about my skin is its happiness is dependent on the foods I eat, and on using Coconut Oil Works of course!Excess histamine produced by your body, or by foods you eat, can contribute to unhealthy, dry, flaky, inflamed, and problematic skin. Green tea, garlic, licorice root, and ginger are just a few naturally powerful antihistamines that work to smooth, tone, and clear your complexion, from the inside out. (Watch for these amazing ingredients in our skin care!)


Excess histamine in your body can cause many other symptoms too, such as:

-aches and pains
-stuffed or runny nose
-cramping/bloating/heartburn/irritable bowl
-and many, many more symptoms


Foods that can trigger excess histamine production or are high in histamine are things like:

-citrus, berries, wine, stone fruits
-cured meat
-anything fermented or containing vinegar
-tomatoes and spinach (high in histamine)
-spices like cinnamon, pepper
-probiotics found in yogurt and supplements

-excess stress (mental and physical), excess dietary fat, and estrogen (think PMS)


Try limiting or eliminating the above foods and behaviors while using lots of fresh garlic in your cooking, and switching your coffee out for Organic green tea. You will notice your symptoms diminishing within a couple days, it absolutely worked for me!

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By Sarah Kilvington

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