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Choose health, Achieve anything!

By Sarah Kilvington

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Not only is this our belief at Coconut Oil Works, it is very much my personal belief as well. When you CHOOSE health, it IS a choice, your mind and body will support you through any journey you want to take, you really can achieve anything.

I want you to harness that feeling, the one you get when you are taking care of you, your mind and body,(they often go hand in hand), by choosing healthy. It’s that feeling triggered by a little bit of adrenaline, coupled with an overwhelming feeling that Anything Is Possible. Yes, that feeling.

Maybe you get to that feeling from a daily workout,(I do!), or a solo walk in the woods, maybe even from a good nights sleep, or your fave song playing loud! (That’s my other one). This is the moment we define as your “Do Anything Moment”, that feeling where you know in that moment you could achieve absolutely anything.

That feeling is there because you choose you, you choose your health, & when you’ve got that you’ve got everything. Your life will be more fun, more positive, more connected, you will be a new you, a better you. Everyone else will feel it too!

It all starts with you choosing health. It’s that simple. Choose health, Achieve anything.

What’s your “Do Anything Moment”?

Whether it’s eating clean by avoiding processed food, or, if you can afford it, choosing Organic when possible, or building muscle mass or working on your cardio. Maybe it’s not so much physical as it its mental, such as walking in the woods in the sunshine, listening to the birds, or choosing positive outlook and changing the way you look at stress. Ooh stress, that’s another topic soon to come. And yes, you CHOOSE a positive outlook, you CHOOSE to handle stress differently, you really do have the authority to change the way your mind works. And no, it’s not hard. All of these things may lead you to your “Do Anything Moment”, be aware of it the next time you are doing something you love, take note and do it again and again! It could be the start to something AMAZING!

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